Desserts and Coffee at Number One

Strawberry and vanilla panna cotta with caramelised wafers £7.50

Chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake with caramel sauce £7.50

Treacle tart with vanilla ice cream £7.50

Chilled rice pudding with summer fruits £7.50

Sharing platter £15

Selection of sorbets and ice creams £6.95 

Dessert Sharing Platter - a selection of our Desserts for two people £15

Americano £2.50

Espresso £2.75/ £3.95

Macchiato £2.75

Cappuccino £2.75

Latte £2.75

Liquor Coffee £4.50

Teapigs’ Teas £2.75

Breakfast Tea £2.25

Hot Chocolate £2.25

The Cheese Board at Number One

Choose 4 Cheeses £7.95  //  Choose 6 Cheeses £12.50

Berkswell, a superb hard rinded, unpasteurised ewes’ milk cheese, released when 4 months’ old.

Old Worcester White, a Cheddar style cheese, handmade in small batches and matured for a year, creating its own unique flavour and a creamy texture that melts in the mouth.

Brie de Meaux, discovered by the 8th century French Emperor Charlemagne, with a straw-yellow colour, known as the king of cheeses.

Morning Dew, washed rind Guernsey cows’ milk cheese, sticky and slightly smelly orange rind.

Brinkburn,as extravagant as a goats’ cheese gets, mould ripened, light texture with a delicate edge to liven things up.

Bath Blue, world cheese award winner. It sells itself.

Served with a Selection of Miller’s Damsels Crackers, Quince Jelly, Chutney and Fruits.

Ostlers’ House Port £2.50 // Taylor’s LBB 2008 £3.75

Triple Crown Croft Port £4.50 // Kopke 10 Years’ Old Porto £6.95

Graham’s Malvedos 2001 £9.95

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